№ 1 Downloaded Agar.io Scripts

Step 1, Install Script Manager, use 1 Manager only

For ChromeChrome, VivaldiVivaldi: ChromeTampermonkey or LMAgarioscripts
For OperaOpera: ChromeTampermonkey
Chrome, Vivaldi: Highly recommended to also install I'm not robot captcha clicker :D

Step 2, Install Script, use 1 Script only
Disable other "main" Agarioscripts/Tampermonkey userscripts or Chrome Extensions

LMLegend Express (Smooth mod, Html based)
or LMLegend mod v3.1 (The MAIN mod, Script based) - Not Working
RegExp developer needed to make v3.1 work again. Fix this code / developers room
Cannot install? Watch video

Other Main Products

AgarioLM Mobile (PC Agario for Mobiles/Tablets, Script based)
LMLM Tiny OpenSource (A tiny Open Source Script)
LMLegend mod Chrome Extension (LM v3.1, Manually installed)
LMFzogar Cloud for Themes (Upload/Download your themes)
LMLMLM Connect Agar tool to Legend Mod (Script for Agar Tool mod users only)
LMLMLM Connect Legend Mod Express to Agar Tool (Script for LME, Kitty or Ogario mod users only)

Manual Skins / Templates

AgarioSkins LMTemplates AgarioSkins Rotator LMSkin Checker

Small Open Source Scripts Included on LM v3.1
Don't install if use LM v3.1

AgarioVideo Skins Watch video LM Voice and Camera compatibility for other mods with LM Watch icon
AgarioSimple multiplayer agario Script Watch icon LMSend SIP to Discord Watch icon
AgarioCancer Script Watch video LMLegend mod Translations (Contribute by translating LM)